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Project Description
An object oriented C#.NET Library allowing easily load, change and save FileZilla Server configuration.


You can download source code to extend it's functionality. If so please share changes.
You can also download binary from downloads section.

Basic usage

First of all add FileZillaConfig.dll to your project reference.

Then, in your usings block add following statement
using FileZillaConfig.ConfigClasses;

To manage FileZilla configuration you have to create new FileZillaConfig.FileZillaManager instance.
For example: FileZillaManager FZMan = new FileZillaManager();

And thats it! Now you have access to all FileZilla server configuration settings as FileZillaManager properties.

However the settings will not be loaded until you tell it to do so. By default you are working on default settings. If you want to load existing FileZilla server configuration simply invoke public void LoadConfig() method of your FileZillaManager instance, for example:

Manager will try to load configuration from default FileZilla Server installation directory. If this directory is different, you can pass its path to FileZillaManager constructor, for example:
FileZillaManager FZMan = new FileZillaManager(@"C:\someotherdirectory\filezilla");

Change server ports example

using FileZillaConfig;

static void Main(string[] args)
      // Create new FileZillaManager instance
      FileZillaManager FZMan = new FileZillaManager();

      //Load current settings

      //Add new port to listen

      //Save configuration file and reload them

Advanced usage

For more advanced usage please refer to the documentation. However documentation is not ready yet.


.NET FileZilla Config Library is still beta so some bugs and errors can be found. If you will find some errors please tell about it.

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